San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm Sets High Standards – Digital Journal

San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm Sets High Standards – Digital Journal

San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm Sets High Standards

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer | Mova Law Group is setting and exceeding high standards in the field of personal injury law

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer | Mova Law Group, a personal injury law firm in San Diego, CA, prides itself in setting and exceeding high standards in the field of personal injury law and is committed to its client’s success. The attorneys at the firm always meet or exceed the firm’s service expectations.

“When anyone contacts our law firm, the first person the client talks to has to establish our high standards and expectations. We understand each person contacting us has gone through a traumatic life event and we are there to help them and walk them through the process of how to win their case against the insurance company or corporation. The person must know that we will do everything in our power to fight for a positive outcome,” said Chris Movafagh, founder of San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer | Mova Law Group.

The firm also prides itself in not making decisions on whether they will take a case from people who fill out a form. The person making contact with their firm deserves to be heard; they want the injured person to know that they are different from other firms and actually care about the well-being of their client.

“We have been in personal injury law for a long time. We understand how the insurance companies work, how they treat our clients, and how they try to pay our clients close to nothing for their injuries. Our goal is two-fold for our clients. First, to get them to the best doctors who can properly treat their injuries. Two, they get our clients the most compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

The attorneys who work in the law firm understand that there is not a “one size fits all method for each case.” Each person is different. Each case is different. Mr. Movafagh stated, “There are some clear-cut cases, but those are not the norm. In most cases, we have to investigate and determine what the legal standard is and what is the best strategy to secure our client’s the most monetary compensation.”

Because of the nature and weight of machines involved, vehicle accidents can cause severe injuries and even result in death. But there are also other kinds of accidents like motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, accidents causing paralysis and paraplegia, accidents at amusement parks, swimming pool accidents, slip and fall injuries, and electrocution injuries. “In fact,” added Mr. Mova, “dog bites can be very traumatic and cause severe injuries and even death, especially to children. Each aspect of the accident results in trauma, injury, and loss and each must be examined by someone who is competent in the matter. And we have to know the law and stay current as it evolves. We stay up-to-date with changes in the law both at the State and local level law to ensure our clients receive maximum compensation.”

When asked what advice he would give anyone who has been through an accident that has caused trauma, injury and loss, the attorney stated, “You have to consult an attorney in a timely manner. You will often need to establish negligence if you are looking to receive compensation, which requires securing key evidence early on. An attorney will have to go to the place where the accident occurred. If there are eye-witnesses, they must be interviewed as quickly as possible. Evidence, if any, must be collected immediately. If there was a hospital visit involved, records have to be requested. If you’ve been in therapy or received epidural injections, documentation has to be gathered. If it was a car accident, you have to investigate, was the other driver impaired? Was the other driver fully or partially negligent? Was there a dangerous road condition such that the State is to blame? If there was a slip and fall in a public setting, was the cleaning crew busy doing something other than cleaning when the accident occurred? These are just a few things that must be taken into consideration.”

Mr. Movafagh finished by saying, “There are many moving pieces involved which makes it extremely important to contact the attorney right away, not only to strategize but also to secure important evidence and video footage. As time passes, it becomes more difficult to establish that an injury was caused by negligence.”

Call us and let our accident and injury lawyers gather the facts and present your case. Your only concern should be recovering from the accident. The lawyers will take care of the rest.

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