Beto O’Rourke gets in Greg Abbott’s smarmy face


Naturally there will be lots of pearl clutching among the we may go Christo-fascist but please maintain decorum on the way set.

A friend of mine monitors Christian — this means white evangelical Protestant — radio, and tells me that the big message this morning wasn’t about mental health — as if there aren’t plenty of mentally ill people in countries with one tenth of the USA’s homicide rate, and infinitely lower school shooting rates, since there aren’t ever any — but rather about how these things started happening when God was kicked out of the schools.

This is how ignorant and frightened and most of all profoundly stupid these people are. They really believe that (In case you’re wondering “God” means the white Protestant evangelical God of what these people think of as “the Bible.”)

Religious fundamentalism is going to be the death of this country, in a murder-suicide pact with our increasingly useless and toxic Constitution.

This is a topic for another post, but the whole “living Constitution” schtick so beloved of bien pensant liberals has always just been a crude workaround for the total absurdity of trying to run a contemporary developed country on the basis of a literal interpretation of a 230-year old legal text. Not coincidentally, this is more than a little analogous to trying to run a contemporary society on the basis of a literal interpretation of a 3,000-year-old religious text.